Cozy, the collection synthesizer

Cozy is a tool that automatically writes data structure implementations from high-level specifications. The source code is available on GitHub. Documentation on using Cozy for your own projects can be found there as well.


Our PLDI '16 paper (PDF) describes the techniques that make Cozy possible. Slides from PLDI '16 summarize those techniques. Instructions for downloading the case study programs and other evaluation materials for our 2016 paper are available here.

Our ICSE '18 paper (PDF) extends Cozy to handle richer specifications and moves many heuristics from the original paper into the core synthesis algorithm. Slides are also available for that talk.


Cozy was written by Calvin Loncaric with help from David Grant, Haoming Liu, and Daniel Perelman. The research was carried out with a great deal of help from Michael Ernst and Emina Torlak.